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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Day 21 - Three weeks!

Boxing Day.
Well, I've not managed to read the rest of the book as I'd hoped in my last post. Never mind, I'm getting through it but I've been slowed by the onslaught of Christmas festivities, namely friends, relatives, food and alcohol. Still those things are higher up my 'priority ladder' (ugh, that sounds like I've been reading too many self-help books!) than books so that's ok. I'm sure that in the new year my socialising will return to more manageable levels and the book will get the time it deserves. Also, having been away from works of fiction for so long it's taking me a while to get my reading speed to improve. I've just had a quick look and can see I'm managing about 40 pages an hour but bear in mind I only read for about 45 mins before sleeping (time I used to spend watching telly) so you can appreciate why it's taking so long to finish the book. Anyway, I want to speed through this one now as I've just been given another book for Christmas, 600 pages of Bill Bryson's "A short History of Nearly Everything".
Mmmm I just opened it and got a whiff of that 'new book smell' (not unlike that 'new car smell' but less plasticy)... I'd forgotten such a thing existed, it must be the ink, and it just triggered flash backs to my childhood when I got a new book on dinosaurs or such like. Ha.. A scary quick dip into the oddities of my mind.. you're lucky to have got only a toe wet and don't have to live in there!

Aaaaanyway, on the TV-front, I've watched a few programmes again this week probably totalling five hours but in my defense, they were planned or unavoidable, I turned off at the end of the programme and didn't go channel hopping.
Two hours were at my girlfriend's house with her mum on Christmas evening while they watched two extended episodes of their favourite soaps. Although I've not interest in them, I couldn't help watching but we all commented throughout how the plots are just so unbelievable but then Christmas wouldn't be the same without some of the main characters arguing, fighting, running away together or trying to kill each other. Anyway, when a third programme, The Vicar of Dibley (makes me shudder!) came on it took 15 mins to reach a general agreement that it was rubbish and nothing on the other channels so I suggested some games. There was some inertia towards the idea but we dusted off some games that hadn't seen daylight in decades (Kerplunk and Yahtzee) and two hours (10pm to midnight) whizzed by more enjoyably than two hours of television could provide.
The other three hours of programming I watched this week consisted of :
- a live House of Commons debate/vote on the introduction of ID cards
- local news and weather forecast
- part of a programme following Michael Palin (of Monty Python fame) trekking across the Himalayas
- Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 on DVD which I got for Christmas. I imagine this will be broadcast on mainstream TV next year.


  • nice one.I have been cold turkey for about the same length of time,due to a broken TV.It was amazing how many people offered to lend me a TV at first,but the truth is I much prefer life without my TV.Don't let TV back into your life!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 29 December, 2004  

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