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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Day 6

Well, that's Saturday over with. I didn't watch any television and had no inclination to do so.
Ha! Doesn't make for interesting reading does it!

I spent the evening at a pub with some friends one of whom also switched-off at the beginning of the week. He said he's got no desire to turn the box back on again as he's found plenty of other things to do instead. We had a bit of a rant about reality programming but it doesn't feel like a big deal now so the conversation didn't last long.

The original plan, last Sunday, was to see how a week without television would be, what we'd do instead and whether we'd be able to resist. Following the range of emotions experienced initially, I'm not really bothered now. I must mention that I've got a lot more things done and that the days have passed more slowly. Even this week which is a busy one (2 weeks from Christmas) has passed at a leisurely pace where-as all those before it have raced by. I'm sure this can't be a coincidence. Maybe TV really does steal your life by making you less aware of the passing of time. Combine that with constantly rushing to get things done because of the time wasted infront of the box and you've got a much more stressed life... precisely what someone watching television is trying to avoid. It's a Catch-22 situation where you then feel the need to unwind and watch more television. A vicious circle.


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